Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey bros, ladybros, dudes, ladydudes, gentlemen, madamoiselles, and otherwise,

As you may or may not know, I'm on Tumblr now! An unfortunate result of that is serious neglect of the old blogger page. Apologies. Apologies all around.

Here is some of the stuff that I've been putting up on there!

Portrait of Tiffany featuring Lacey Micallef, also known as Lulinternet

remembering Knife City at Blip Festival 2011

I participated in a 48 hour Game Jam at BabyCastles. Hopefully you can see the game eventually.

I've been neglecting it lately due to larger projects and other priorities, but there're a bunch of monsters up on Class My Ass

if someone says it's draw Cat Rackham day, who am I to argue?

I did another animated album cover, this time for a chip artist called Noisebox.

and of course, I did this little gif of Tyler The Creator for the pre-Goblin hype

Anyway bros, you should follow my tumblr! it's crazy and sometimes annoying, but it's easy and fun, too. I have a separate one for reblogging cool stuff.


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