Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Twenty-oh-Ten

Hey Guys!

Man, did you have awesome holidays? I had pretty good times. The only regret is I didn't get to hang out with my bros (not to be confused with my actual, familial bros) in our traditional style, nor nearly enough.

The other thing I didn't do much of was anything that I'd be able to post here. But guess what! Now you can see the freelance project I finished recently!

edit: I can't post this yet, apparently!

Man, that project took way longer than it should have and I can't say I love it. That being said, the client is happy and I have decided not to take on any more freelance in favor of doing more personal work. Please shower me with comments.

Finally, I have sketched a few vespas today.

brap brap


Leigh said...

I love it, Diego! And what a great cause to work for.

Michael Rufo said...

where's the vw-van-side-car?