Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey guys,

I've been feeling bad about the barrenness of this blog (not to be confused with the baroness, who incidentally is doing quite well). I finished the animatic for Hello Stanley episode 2 last week and am working on backgrounds now. Here's the start of the first one -- still a lot missing, and a lot more detail to be added to what's there. Notice how the perspective makes so much sense it's almost nonsensical. All joking aside, I'm not striving for perfection with these just yet. It's more important to me that I get these things done.

the as of yet incomplete front of Bread Serious bakery and cafe

I don't think I mentioned in my last post that I have moved again, and I'm back in the rittenhouse/fitler square area. I'm loving it over here. I forgot to buy onions today and, rather than whining about how I won't have onions when I cook tonight, I'm just going to pop over to the corner store and pick a few up. I can do that now! It's rather pleasant, especially since I'm finding immense pleasure these days in eating as many fresh, home made meals as I can.

I don't know exactly when Hello Stanley 1 will be up, and 2 is still a ways away, but I hope to be able to unveil it soon.


Michael Rufo said...

i like the door

微笑 said...
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