Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallow's Ween

Halloween is perhaps my favorite holiday (though, I warn you, I may be filled with some sort of strange sweet joy during the Christmas season. And of course, let's not forget about that most glorious of holiday feasts, franksgiving).

Some years I feel like embracing my inner nerd (three years ago I dressed up as a japanese fox spirit -- the ladies were all over me. Trust me.), and this year was one of them. Enter Tombo!

I left the red-eye in for added spookiness

You may also see him in the corner of this image I stole from the internet.

I knew I did a lousy job dying my shirt. The sleeves are all wrong.

Hopefully next year I will have time for something a little more elaborate. Another thing I will do differently is remember to eat dinner before going to a party.

I'm gonna try and get you folks a comic page or two this week, so be PUMPED


Leigh said...

Oh my yes!!!

Loren said...

got any pics of that fox spirit costume!!??

Radstronomical said...

ha, no. thanks goodness.