Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Many Days?



Not my strongest monster collection, but we'll start it off with a tribute to my old friend Miyazaki.

I need my shoes and clothes please

Also sort of Studio Ghibli related, The Tanuki Bros!

look at those massive magical hairy walnuts

And then another thing!

are you a million times spooked?!

Man. I had a great day yesterday. Everyone left nice comments on the blog. And to make things extra rad, I went to see a show:

awesome and spooky and hilarious

I first wanted to see this when I saw the poster, then even more when I found out that my friend Adrienne is in it. I went for opening night last night and will say that if you live in Philly and are interested in things generally spooky, it's worth your checking outs. It takes the form of a haunted house that viewers walk through in small groups to see monologues, musical numbers, video installation, a puppet show, and other performances.

There were a few things I wasn't that into, but they were outweighed by a spectacularly well designed set, radical puppets, awesome makeup and costumes, excellent acting, and a radstronomical moment with a pick axe. I felt bad for the other people because I have a habit of laughing when I find things awesome, and I hope I didn't hurt their experiences by doing so.

I thought I may have had something else to say, but I can't think of it. Have a rad day, my friends. I'm off to laundry town.


Janelle said...

aww i love that puffball holding the star! eeee it's so cute!!! the teapot is cute too, and i like the scary shadow monster/devil.

Loren said...

oh man yes wonderful dustbunnie impersonation. i used to watch totoro every day when i was a little kitty! keep up the great work man, i love this stuff.