Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Drew this about 2 weeks ago. What do you know! Still relevant.

Man. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Mama I'm so sorry.

As you may know, I graduated from the prestigious Drexel University this June just past. As a result, I've been having to make some pretty serious life decisions. I decided to move to Brooklyn, then not to move to Brooklyn, and now I'm scrambling to find a job so that I can afford to live in the city and do lots of drawing.

To get away from all of those nasty stressors for a few days, my chum Aaron and I popped over to Baltimore to visit my muscular and talented friend Sam and his beautiful and also talented girlfriend Kali. They are gracious and elegant hosts, treating Aaron and I to sake, hours of fun with their rambunctious kitten, and a whole heap of prints because they are just that nice. It turns out Kali is even a master haircutswain, as my current cool-guy coif confirms. Unfortunately, it also outdates the above drawing.

Anyway males and she-gents, things have calmed down a tiny bit, and hopefully soon I'll be able to post some previews of the super-secret animation I've been working on. Enjoy your week!


Sam Bosma said...

This is an excellent blog post all around.

Confirmation? "Table." That's an actual word, google. Try harder next time.

Kali said...

I concur with Sam. :) I also hope that 'Master Haircutswain' is a title that will finally add some legitimacy to my resume.

Best of luck with the job search pal! I hope you find something great! (but if you want to move to b-more in a couple months, big huge games will be looking for some people for 3D character creation or environments...)