Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let's Fully Enjoy Ourselves with All the Girls

Last night was a sort of welcome dinner for Geof Darrow, the creator of a comic that's being adapted here. He, his family, the co-director (Geof is the other), and the Producer were all present, along with a few others including Maruyama-san, who both works at madhouse and owns the restaurant. The food was pretty great, and the company was totally rad.

It was a little awkward for me at first at first, what with my lack of skill and furthermore lack of confidence with my Japanese, but after the co-director encouraged me to drink as much beer as I wanted, well... I guess the awkwardness drifted more toward awesomeness, especially when I started chatting best I could with them -- thankfully Harumi, the woman sitting next to me, spent seven years working for Disney Australia and thus spoke English pretty well. It turns out the producer's favorite movie is Rocky so he was interested in Philly, and after noticing that I'm good with chopsticks (apparently, as I've been told by two totally separate parties now, I'm better than most Japanese) and I can speak a bit of Japanese, they were really emphatic about me being able to find a Japanese girlfriend. Alright!

The most frequently used words at the dinner were:
"duu duu" (doo doo)
"guddo rakku" (good luck)
"Aimu soooriiii!" (I'm sorryyyyy!)
"chin chin" (french version of "cheers," also means penis in japanese)
"Biiru ____ onegaishimasu" ( ___ beers, please.)

Last night I had a pretty wacky dream where, after trekking through the snow Sam, Kirk, Aaron, Mike and I got to the town hall for a meeting and sat down in the front row to play some videogames. Kirk made up some word and I started cracking up at it until a doll came to life as a wizard and started chasing me. As he was chasing me I pondered how the best dinosaur name is probably "Thesaurusaurus." Later the wizard-puppet-thing chased me into this big room, and then Mike came in dressed as a strange plump female chef, and he was really angry.

What a crazy night I had.


Lauren said...

so were they using the french or japanese meaning of chin chin then?

Diego Garcia said...

They were using the the french meaning but only because they knew it meant penis. At one point, the director raised his glass and said "penisu".